A new short film starring Bollywood actors blasts the British government for their discrimination against Indians during colonialism. The video has gone viral on social networks and being watched and shared rapidly.

The story gives a narrative showing how life would be if British raj still existed in India. However, many say not much as changed since British rule as an injured person receives the same treatment.

Many have agreed with the point the film made but there is equal disagreement towards the theme of the film.

The producers state:

OYO Rooms pays tribute to Independent India with ‘JAI HIND’, featuring Manoj Bajpai and Raveena Tandon together after 14 years.

It is a tribute to India’s Freedom Fighters and invites viewers to join in by participating in the social media movement, #Azaadi4me. Through this campaign viewers are encouraged to share, via pictures and videos, what freedom means to them.

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