New American Comic Book on a Sikh Hero “Agent Deep Singh” (Video)

Comic on Sikh Super Hero

An American comic book maker will be releasing a comic book on a Sikh Hero named “Agent Deep Singh.” There is already lot of hype created after the launch of the cover and many are awaiting to see what’s in store. From the producers the comic book will show case the modern Sikh super hero in the form of an agent fighting evil and prevailing justice.


The Agent supposedly has his own team which travel all through the world solving cases from “Punjab to Tennessee and Beyond” The book will be releasing in the near future. Here is a word from the makers: A new comic book series starring a modern Sikh hero! Join the adventure as Secret Agent Deep Singh fights for justice with his team, crushing villains all the way from the Punjab to Tennessee and beyond

sikh comic book

You can subscribe for the Comic Book Here: Sikh Super Hero

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