Nepali Sikhs Say International Nagar Kirtan From Nepal Ignored in Delhi

Sikhs from Kathmandu, Nepal organized the International Nagar Kirtan with the 250+ year Saroop and started their journey on October 4, 2019. The Sikhs stated that the arrival of the Nagar Kirtan was ignored in Delhi. The organizers stated that meetings with various Gurdwara Committees around India from Kanpur, Luckhnow, Delhi, and beyond for several years.

The Singhs in the Nagar Kirtan stated that they were welcomed in several Indian cities by sangat in the hundreds and thousands but when arriving in Delhi, they were greeted by just ten people. The Singhs expressed their frustration with the media by stating that the Nagar Kirtan was largely ignored in Delhi until they were re-routed to a different Gurdwara Sahib by other organizers.

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