Jazzy B’s new song ‘Singhan Di Talwar’ is receiving a mixed reaction due to the poor video, trimmed beard of Jazzy B (representing a Singh) and showing a pretend killing of a tiger.

Showing the killing of the tiger was done to portray Hari Singh Nalwa’s act of bravery. However, Hari Singh Nalwa had killed the tiger without a sword and with his bear hands after the tiger attacked him without provocation.

The song inaccurately portrays the bravery of Sikhs. The title ‘Singhan Di Talwar’ is actually against the principles of Sikh warriors. A Singh picks up a kirpan to defend others who are under persecution and or for justice but the philosophy behind the opposite word talwar going against such philosophy.

Many on social media are criticizing Jazzy B for portraying Sikh warriors as tiger killers and have expressed their views overwhelmingly on youtube and other platforms.

Here are some of the comments:

Navi Kaur
Why would you endorse killing of a tiger? They are endangered and this does not set a good example for the Indian community. I understand you want to get the point across that Sikhs are strong warriors, but that can be done in other ways…

lav chauhan
Killing a tiger would never make u soorma. Come to Johannesburg and face the 600 pounds tiger…!! He would bring the shit out of ur ass.

Ujwal Harrad
I wonder why tigers are going extinct, cause jazzy b is killing all of them. Proof of this caught on tape. Lol.

Veerkaran Singh
Jazzy B sport badle all the time Jazzy B dont have guts to say rong is rong all this people do every thing for money

LilyLotus 1
So sad to show Sikhs endorse the killing of an endangered species and yet again as with 98% of Punjabi music there’s no featuring of women or women’s vocals.

Abdel Ghani
I’m a big fan of punjabi music especially Bhangra, however, with all my respect to Mr Jazzy B , this music video is for kids. It’s not the kind of videos I can show to sb who does not know about my favourite genre of music !! Are you sure you fight tigers with the funny serious eye staring !!!!!
we need some reasonable and realistic videos !

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