(DSU) One of India’s leading news channels, NDTV, did the unthinkable by showing an hour long blackout from 9pm to 10pm in protest of the government’s ban on a BBC documentary called “India’s Daughters.”

NDTV showed a burning lamp in memory of thousands of rape victims in India and other crimes committed against women.

NDTV came under fire from various groups after it showed trailer of the documentary on the Nirbhaya case. The tragic rape documentary was banned by the Indian government for “glorifying” the Nirbhaya rape case.

After, short clips of the documentary surfaced showing one of the rapists blaming the girl for resisting the rape, a strong reaction was put out on social media and the documentary gained worldwide attention.

However, after the ban of the documentary, international news networks picked up the story and the rape issue in India was highlighted all across the world.

The film was posted on various news sharing sites and despite the ban most people have already seen the film.

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