NBC News puts a Sikh man’s photo in a video posted on Twitter titled under “radical Islamic terrorism”. The fear of many is a hate crime could occur as some person out there potentially could look at that photo and attack someone with similar appearance. The fact of the matter is that Sikhs are just about the only people who wear Turbans and vast majority of Muslims don’t.

Updated: The tweet with the Sikh man has been removed.

The original Tweet of NBC News is below:

A Sharp reaction came Twitterites worldwide:

Dear @NBCNews, showing a Sikh man under headline about “radical Islamic terrorism” will add to more ignorance about the Sikh Turban & Beard

Sikh Professor Simranjeet Responded:

Irresponsible of NBC to show a Sikh man in a turban while Donald Trump speaks of “radical Islamic terrorism.”

Response from NBC:

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