Naamdhari group leader Thakur Dalip Singh announced this past Sunday to join the mainstream Khalsa Panth at a ceremony in Pataka Marker in Amritsar.


Thakur Dalip Singh told his followers to wear full Sikh attire along with the 3′ Kirpan. The longer kirpan was always kept by Sikhs but during the British rule a ban was imposed causing adaption of the smaller kirpan.

“At present, there is no ban on it and Namdhari Sikhs are allowed to wear long Kirpan right from today. We believe in Sikh tenets firmly even today and we will start to follow Maryada of Khalsa Panth completely”, he added.

Thakur Dalip Singh placed the kirpan into the hands of his followers.

Manjit Singh of the SGPC applauded the efforts of the Naamdhari leader. After the death of Jagit Singh the Naamdharis were divded into 2 factions led by Uday Singh and the other led by Thakur Dalip Singh.

With inputs from Sikh24

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