Recently, a picture surfaced of a Singh sitting behind Donald Trump and Michael Jackson in a private jet trip to see AIDS affected children. The picture has raised theories on who this Singh is? Some people have stated that the Singh is a CIA Intelligence officer named Lakhvir Singh.


The truth is that his name is Michael “Mani” Singh and he was Michael Jackson’s person chef in the 1980s and 1990s.

Several news articles of the 80s and 90s reveal this fact.

A clipping from The Dispatch of September 3, 1984 provides an insight:


A People Magazine article from 1984 confirms this:

“A typical morning finds Mani Khalsa in a local store shopping for asparagus, watermelon, peas, red peppers, cabbage, avocado, spaghetti, unsalted cheese and corn. As personal chef to Michael, Khalsa, 25, a Michigan-bred Sikh, spends five hours a day cooking for the slim vegetarian (the brothers have their own chef). “It’s impossible to cook for one,” Khalsa grumbles. “Even a pepper is too big.” His efforts are appreciated, though. “Sweet-potato pie is the hit of this tour,” he beams. “Everywhere you turn they ask for it.” And Michael’s favorite? “Enchiladas with cheese, tortillas and hot sauce. Every day his mother asks, ‘You still eatin’ those enchiladas?’ ”
An article by Gursant Singh further clarifies:

“Mani Singh was his first chef but was let go because Michael ‘couldn’t afford’ him. Mani toured with him on the Jackson Five tour and Mani and I, who were good friends at one time, met up in Toronto where I presently live because I happened to be home visiting my family. I was still living in L.A. at the time though I was well out of 3HO at that point. Mani got me autographed pictures of Michael for my nieces. They have still not sold them on EBay which is a credit to them, I think.”

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