Yesterday, on 23rd May 2015, a long-time rivalry between two gangs led to a fight breaking out in Nabha Maximum Security Jail.

The rioters were armed with rods and sharp tools, which would imply the jail authorities and/or police officers were complicit in the attack. The Gursikh political prisoners, including Sukhvinder Singh ‘Boxer’, Jaskaran Singh and Jagpal Singh, were in their cells at 6.30am reciting their daily morning prayers (Nitnem), when they were set upon by the gang members and brutally assaulted.


The injured prisoners were admitted to Rajindra Hospital and Nabha Civil Hospital, under tight security, where they are now receiving treatment for their serious wounds. This incident is cause for great concern, as these innocent Sikhs were not involved in any way with the gang-fight, yet it is they who have been placed in hospital after a brutal and planned assault on them.

Sikh Relief are conducting an enquiry into the exact details of the incident and we will keep you informed of any further developments.

Via: Sikh Relief

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