Mysterious Fireball Seen by Thousands Across Northeast USA Sky

Fireball seen in northeastern usa sky by dailysikhupdates

Large Fireball Seen in Sky Across USA by dailysikhupdates

Actual Footage of Fireball in the Sky in USA by dailysikhupdates

A large fireball was spotted from Virginia to New Jersey late Sunday night, prompting dozens of reports to the American Meteor Society.
Danny James in Delaware captured on his dash cam. Click here to see the video.
The meteor streaked across the sky just before 11 p.m. People reported it as white and green, with a long trail at the end.
According to the American Meteor Society, fireballs are very bright meteors, about as bright as Venus in the morning and evening skies.
About 10 to 15 meteorites fall to Earth each day, but sightings are rare since streaking fireballs often fall over the ocean, or during daylight hours when they can’t be seen.

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