Justice Markandey Katju spoke out and defended his recent comments on Mahatama Gandhi when he called him a British Agent and a “Chalak Pakhandi.”

Here is a text and video on his comments:

“I was interviewed on skype by Bhupemdra Chaube yesterday about my remarks on Gandhi.

I told him that in almost every speech and writing from 1915 when he returned to India till 1948 when he died, Gandhi would propagate Ramrajya, go-raksha, varnashram dharma, brahmacharya, and other Hindu religious ideas.

This amounted to injecting religion into politics for decades. What effect would that have had on the minds of orthodox Muslims ? Would that not drive them towards a communal organization like the Muslim League ? So did not serve the British policy of divide and rule ?
Of course Gandhi went to Noakhali in 1947 appealing for peace, but if you first set fire to a house, and then try to pour water over it, is this not hypocrisy and drama ? Why did you set fire to it in the first place ?

Also Gandhi successfully diverted the freemon struggle from its revolutionary direction towards which Bhagat Singh, Surya Sen ( Masterda ), Chandrashekhar Azad, Ashfaqulla, Rajguru, etc were taking it, towards a harmless, nonsensical channel to ensure continuation of British rule in India.

The Britishers left India not because of Gandhi but because Britain became weak after the German attack on it in the Second World War and American pressure”

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