Issues between Muslim & Sikh youth; Weapons place in society and the modern day implication of the Kirpan; How Sikhs got their distinct appearance; Why Sikhs have 11 Gurus; Our relationship with the Creator and much more are all topics covered in this informative University Street Parchar video.

Interesting comments were observed:

I think some of the ‘gentlemen’ featured in the Speakers Corner series of videos could learn a strong lesson in humility, sincerity and respectful dialogue from our young Muslim brothers here!

Respect to the Muslim brothers for being intuitive to learn about the beauty of Sikhi and asking some wonderful questions.

So awakening and amazing to see how much these young muslim men are openly sharing their knowledge and willing to listen too! Love the patience and wisdom being shared here within this eye opening and inspiring discussion. Please keep more videos coming!!

Respect to the muslims brothers for listening and asking questions without interrupting lol

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