A comment of a Muslim woman on the Sikh faith highlighted ignorance of the Sikh faith by Sikhs themselves.

The woman understood the clear difference between a place of worship being open to all and how religious ceremonies of each religion should be respected and abide by the guidelines and codes of conduct.

The comment was posted on a discussion about Interfaith Anand Karaj controversy happening in Gurdwaras. Many who claim to be Sikhs feel it’s alright if people from other faiths engage in an Anand Karaj as it promotes interfaith relations, but others argue that those who follow teachings of all Ten Sikh Gurus and accept Guru Granth Sahib Ji as their Guru can have an Anand Karaj otherwise it doesn’t serve any purpose.


A concerned person commented the following on another thread related to her post:

“Gurcharan S Walia If muslim woman can understand the sikhi code of conduct what’s wrong with those people who claim they are sikh if they are sikh why don’t they baptized as a sikh. According to sikh code of conduct if you are amritdhari no one can stop. In my opinion who are not baptized they are bharupiay i can’t consider them as a sikh. There is a one of the biggest drawback of gurdwara’s committee they are greedy and ignore rehat maryada. If i say they are corrupted and they are looking their own personal interest. I will say gurdwara committee and granthi should follow the rehat maryada, they should not give any excuse to anyone. Now a days what we facing the situation gurdwara committee responsible worldwide. Gurdwara committee cheated i also heard gurdwara committee force Parcharak not allowed to discourse real or right information to sangat. Gurdwara committee also force Parcharak don’t talk about amrit and simran, this thing i notice in gurdwara for long periods of time.”

Sikh Gurus showed a lifestyle which one can follow to meet God. It is better to get married to someone with whom you share similar beliefs than to marry out of religion. Sikhism does not state that marrying out of religion is wrong or a sin. However, the marriage has a far better chance of success if the couple belongs to the same religion. Since beliefs can differ and can cause conflicts, it is better to be with someone with the same belief system.

The more a married couple has in common, the more likely their marriage will be successful. When a couple disagrees on basic core values and beliefs, it can lead to additional stress, conflicts, and disappointment. The issue of how kids are raised can be especially problematic. The decision regarding which teaching and beliefs should the children be taught can become difficult to deal with.

Sikhism is a modern religion, and instructs that all humans are created equal. In no way Sikhism states that one should not marry another human because they are less of human or inferior. All humans are equal but people from different religions have different beliefs. The difference in beliefs system and lifestyle is the main reason to marry within the religion.

A Sikh can get married out of the religion if they choose to, however they cannot do so in the Gurdwara Sahib since Anand Karaj (Sikh Marriage Ceremony) is very spiritual, religious and a promise with God.

In order to live a peaceful lifestyle to accomplish the purpose of the human life, one should get married to a Sikh so that the couple can together carry on their journey on the path showed by Sikh Gurus.

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