“At our 4th visit to Speakers Corner, Hamza Tzortzis of IERA had a discussion with Jagraj Singh of Basics of Sikhi. The discussion orientated around the rationale behind a belief in Sikhi and Guru ji. The polite discussion was perhaps a little short and each side didn’t really give their full argument. Might need a follow up discussion. ” Basics of Sikhi

Interesting Comments observed:

“A rational understanding of God can only satisfy intellectual curiosity, it can not merge the spirit with God, the experience must be subjective. I think it is more plausible for someone to experience transcendence and bliss than someone receiving a message from an angel, both are subjective, the former is common in various mystic traditions if viewed objectively. ”

“You can’t put a rational measurement on the divine. You start to put limitations on the creator and you will fail…”

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