Muslim Man Amazed After Learning About Sikhi (Video)

Street Parchar to Brother Mohammed who knew nothing of Sikhi and ends up complimenting Sikhi. Done at the Kingston Uni Sikh Soc Langar (Free Food) Day – Well done to the Sikh Soc for organising it and getting involved with SAFE Parchar (Sikhism Awareness For Everyone).

Basics of Sikhi is a project by Everythings 13, an educational charity dedicated to spreading the wisdom of the Sikh Gurus. Please SUPPORT our work – – Whether its £5 a month or £50, all will go towards parchar and NOT building funds.
Vaheguru Simran in the Intro and Outro is how Sikhs chant Gods name. Its performed by Jagdeep Kaur of You can download it for free from (Jam 2, track 6 = Waheguru Simran).

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