An eyewitness to alleged atrocities on women in Murthal during the Jat quota protests has alleged he was attacked in the early hours of Sunday , reports “I had stopped some where between Karnal and Panipat to buy cigarettes around 1am. Suddenly , two men on a bike came towards me. One said, `yehi toh hai woh jo Jaaton ke khilaaf bol raha hai’.

I immediately got into my car and drove off. They threw a stone and broke the rear glass,“ said Delhi businessman Bobby Joshi.

Bobby Joshi, a key witness in the Murthal gangrape incident, has alleged that two unidentified persons had attacked him in Karnal while on his way to Delhi from Ludhiana at night. He said that he had stopped on his way to buy water. And when he stepped out of his vehicle, two youths identified him as the key witness and attacked him.

Bobby has filed a written complaint to the SIT Chief, Mamta Singh. Bobby Joshi on whose complaint the Punjab and Haryana Government has taken action in Murthal rapes is now seeking security cover for his family. He claims that the attack on him is a big security lapse.

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