Thursday 17th March sees the release to Dharam Seva Records much awaited follow up to Words Of Akaal Nitnem Banis release.

The new release is titled Words Of Har and this time Guru Arjun Dev Jis Divine Gurbani Sukhmani Sahib Ji have been preserved and released.

The Dharam Seva Records team tirelessly promoted Words Of Akaal in 2015 and the results saw for the first time Daily Sikh Prayers broke into Mainstream charting. The reach of spreading Gurus Bani to all corners being a key goal for Dharam Seva Records.

A charity spokesman told Daily Sikh Updates “Out aim is always focussed on producing shabad and re-investing every penny to have a system where we can always produce and preserve our Guru Sahib Jis divine Shabads. We hope Sangat support Words Of Har just as they supported Words Of Akaal.

Soon we hope that everybody will have all banis on their mobile devices and IPads so they always have Gurbani at hand to give them positive and supporting guidance in life. Many people utilise the Nitnems and Shabads to put their children to bed, even to workout to and of course listen to on their personal phones and cars”.

This Week Dharam Seva Records have announced they will start work on the Trilogy set titled Words Of Gobind. Words Of Gobind will be recordings done slowly of Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s Banis. In the title Gobind is being referred to Akaal Purakh as that is just one of the Words used to describe a function of Akaal Purakh Ji.

Words Of Har Releases this Thursday:

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