Popular MPP Jagmeet Singh took to online media to respond to the recent visit of Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne’s trip to India and criticizing her for ignoring India’s track record on human rights.

Here is an excerpt from Huffpost Canada

International trade is vital for our country and province, but it should never come at the cost of turning a blind eye to human rights violations. Beyond advocating for greater access to consumer markets abroad, we need to go one step further and advocate for a higher quality of life for the people who are the driving force behind them.

With both Premier Kathleen Wynne and Progressive Conservative leader Patrick Brown competing for political points on their respective trips to India, it got me thinking; how can we take it one step further when it comes to the way trade agreements and negotiations are used?

While premier Wynne and her 72-person delegation meet with India’s heads of state to talk trade and visit the country’s picturesque backdrops for photo-ops, they do so while simultaneously ignoring India’s abysmal track record on human rights, systemic inequity and institutional racism.

When we look at our relationship with India, most would agree it’s absolutely time that Ontario benefits from an official agreement, but this is also an opportunity to use these negotiations as a way to address the systemic social injustices facing the 1.2 billion people we are seeking to partner with.

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