Mother Speaks Whose Son Was Shot:

A mother whose son was shot in the Kotakpura peaceful protests responded to police action.

Brave Mother by dailysikhupdates

As of late Wednesday evening, 3 Sikhs were reported killed and hundreds injured after police charged the Sikhs to break their protests. The protests were happening at village Kotakpura to demand justice for the sacrilege committed against Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji in the village.

Sikh parcharaks were also lathi-charged and Bhai Panthpreet was reported to have received serious injuries.

Jathedar Gurbachan Singh has asked the Punjab Government to take strict action against the errant and wayward police men who attacked Sikh protesters.

Jathedar condemns Police action on peaceful Sikh protesters who were cane charged at various locations of Punjab. Jathedar said that Sikhs could never tolerate the sacrilegious act wherein Guru Granth Sahib was shown disrespect.

Gurbachan Singh said that disrespect shown to Guru Granth Sahib has hurt the sentiments of Sikh community by and large and Sikh community wouldn’t tolerate such acts, here it became the duty of Government to book and arrest the culprit forthwith before the situation went out of control.
video: Global Punjab

Jathedar on Kotkapura Incident by PunjabSpectrumCom

Villagers respond to police burning vehicles:

Update on the clashes

Video Global Punjab: How police burnt vehicles

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