Mother Takes Revenge of Son’s Death, Kills 25 Taliban Militants (Video)

Afghan Mother Takes Revenge of the Death of her Police Officer Son by killing 25 Taliban Militants in a 7 hour long fight.

An Afghan mother, identified in local reports as Reza Gul, discovered the body of her murdered son, a police officer who had been guarding a checkpoint.

This brave mom decided to get revenge. Reza Gul returned to her house, grabbed a weapon and committed herself to killing as many of her son’s killers as she could. Reza Gul was then joined by her daughter, young son and husband, and this heroic family took up positions and girded themselves for battle.
As the militants returned, they were met with a hail of gunfire in battle that lasted several hours. The mother, father and elder sister all shot and killed Taliban fighters while the young son re-loaded the guns. At the end of day, the family says they mowed down 25 Taliban and vowed to do so again should they ever return.



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