Mother ‘Gurbani Cured My Daughter’s Disease Which Has No Treatment’

A story worth watching and understanding of how Gurbani cured a disease which has no treatment. The father says he was so fed up with the problem he was going to do make a grave mistake, but after gurbani therapy his daughter’s life was saved.

Who started Sarab Rog Ka Aukhan Naam Mission?

The producer is a medical practitioner with a degree of MBBS from PU Chandigarh. He served in AMC in Army for 5 years from 1970-1975. He had the opportunity to serve in the borders during 1971 Indo Pak war for more than three years.

He is associated with the mission through serving Him from 1987. When Sarab Rog Ka Aukhad Nam Mission came into being at Ludhiana. He received active inspiration and guidance from the founder of the mission S Hardial Singh Ji IAS through out this time. He had been closely observing and scrutinizing the healing process of patients through Gurbani for the last 21 years.

He is the pioneer among doctors who had done this work. He is a specialist in this kind of healing. So contents of this site are based on his observations. The sole objective of this job is to spread this message of healing to the suffering millions of the people across the boundaries. This process of healing caters to the needs of those helpless people for whom there is no remedy available.

This is proven to be very vary fast, effective ,reliable and dependable method. The beneficiary could be anyone of any age group ,sect or sex. Anyone residing anywhere can follow this method. This process of healing is compatible with any medicine or procedure what ever brings about some kind of relief to the patients. Any query or suggestion for this site would be highly appreciated.

‘Sarab Rog Ka Aukhad Nam’ magazine is brought out by the mission twice a year and in addition the special issues depicting history or other important applications of Gurbani are brought out from time to time.

Gurbani Cures cancer by dailysikhupdates

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