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Singh was unable to fight back his tears as he said, “This question is related to our honour. What answers will we give our children when they ask what happened to the perpetrators of the attacks? After 23 years of filing FIRs, there is no chargesheet in the case. Has this happened in any other case? Let these cases be re-opened. On our behalf, Speakerji, you please write to the PM and seek an appointment with him”.

Hari Nagar MLA Jagdeep supported also recounted the agonising ordeal he went through during that period. “A 13-year-old boy went from one police station to another, checking every corpse, looking for his father. That boy is now 45. I was that boy,” he said. Pointing towards the three BJP MLAs in the House, he said, “If the three of them have a heart, let all 70 of us (Delhi MLAs) go to (Narendra) Modiji and seek speedy justice.”


It was very difficult to control emotions while narrating horrible stories of Sikh Genocide of 1984 to Delhi Assembly. I don’t know if justice will ever be done, but determined to ashamed these culprits and let this world knows how thousands of innocent were burned alive on the streets of Delhi. Jarnail Singh

The House also passed a resolution seeking justice for the victims of the riots and action against Congress leader Jagdish Tytler for allegedly influencing a witness in a case relating to the riots. “Commissions were set up and everybody knew who are the culprits..

..but witnesses were bought, cases were closed and some turned hostile. If strict punishment was given to rioters in 1984 then no one would have dared to attempt the 2002 riots,” Mr Kejriwal said.

The resolution tabled by AAP’s Rajouri Garden MLA Jarnail Singh, demanded that the House should take immediate action against Tytler and Sajjan Kumar.During AAP’s 49-days stint, the government had then announced an SIT to probe the riot cases but the probe team could not be made functional as he had resigned. “Three members were also appointed but now nothing is being done,”

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Part 1 Bhai Jarnail Singh’ speech inside Delhi Assembly before the passing the condemnation of Delhi 1984 resolution in the Assembly.

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