Karanpreet Kaur has claimed that Salwinder Singh married her in April 1994 when he was an ASI in the Amritsar police.

“He didn’t allow us to have the marriage photographed from a professional photographer. Instead he got it photographed from a young man accompanying him to whom he introduced as his cousin but we never saw those photographs. He told us that his mother was not well and he would inform her later. After the marriage I repeatedly asked him to take me to his home in Amritsar, but every time he made an excuse and later started quarrelling over the issue,” Karanpreet said.

She claimed that she had been residing with him in capacity of his wife at various places of his postings. She had been there with him at Dera Baba Nanak, Amritsar, and other places and he used to stay with her at her parental house till September 1999 when her son was born.

She alleged, “After our son was born, he started staying away from me and left us when our son was eight-month old and never looked back.”

She added that when he ignored her, she filed a complaint too. “My complaints were heard and statements were recorded but nothing happened after that ever. Once a DIG-level inquiry was also conducted but that too was of no use. I was told to see the DGP, but I could not go as my son was very small,” she added.

Her 16-year-old son, Angin Sahilpreet Singh, had also filed a complaint in this regard, which is still pending. Both Sahilpreet and his mother Karanpreet demanded that a DNA test of the SP should be got done to confirm their claim.

“Action should be taken against him. Besides, my son should be given all rights,” she said.
courtesy : The Tribune
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