(DSU News Bureau) The father of the 14 year old girl who was thrown off the Moga Orbit Bus was sold for 30 Lakhs by the government. The brother of the victim was awarded 2 lakhs for his education and a job with the government.

The father said he is happy with the government’s offering and wants to perform final rites of his daughter. The nervous father told reporters he wasn’t in any pressure and made the decision on his own will.

He asked forgiveness from the public and requested an end to protests. However, the public was largely unhappy with his decision and blamed him for selling out justice of his daughter for money.

The mother was unhappy with the father’s decision who stated she was often called “mental” by her father. A woman who stood nearby stated she was very good with house chores and performed he duties very well.

The mother expressed her unhappiness as she sought justice.

Father sold out by dailysikhupdates

Mother unhappy with father by dailysikhupdates

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