Modi’s Suit Sells for $690K at Auction (Video)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s suit which he wore when meeting with President Obama last month sold for 4.31 crores or $690,000.

The suit was a monogrammed closed neck suit which made the headlines during President Obama visit because PM Modi had his full name embroided on it. The chaotic auction saw many rich attendees but a diamond trader name Lalji Patel won the auction.

The buyer of the suit said he was willing to pay even 5 crore for the suit because it meant a lot for him and that the proceeds would go to cleaning the river ganga.

The suit was actually worth about 10 lakh but dedicated fans of Modi made very high bids on the last day of the 3 day auction.

The winner of the suit has asked the PM to hand deliver the suit to him.

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