Modi’s Suit Gets International Attention

The pinstripes of the Indian Prime Minister’s suit is getting attention internationally. The embroidery of the gold vertical lettering on his navy blue suit worn on Sunday was his name “Narendra Damodardas Modi” repeated over and over.

While waiting for President Barack Obama at the Indian Presidential Palace, journalists picked up the fine lettering on PM Modi’s suit.

Soon after, the pictures went viral on social networks scrutinizing the suit.  However, American media has been amazed at Modi’s style and have termed him a fashion icon. American media talked more about his wardrobe rather than the key agreements reached in the summit.

In the year 2014, Modi donned various cultural hats and suits on his campaign trail throughout India where he started making headlines more for his attire rather than his speeches.

Modi is the first Indian politician to break the traditional white pajama kurta dress to the “Modi Kurta” which is a colorful combination of pajama, kurta, and vest.

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