The Prime Minister, Narendra Modi addressing the people at National Martyrs Memorial, at Hussainiwala village, in Firozpur, Punjab on March 23, 2015.

Modi spoke at the village where Bhagat Singh was cremated after his body was found by local villagers in 1931. Bhagat Singh was sentenced to be hanged on March 24, 1931 but the British in fear of the public hung Bhagat Singh a day early.

Regarding shaheeds of Punjab, Modi said, “Punjab saved the country many times throughout history by many sacrifices but never got honored.”

Regarding issue of farming, Modi Said, “Punjab water levels are at a record low level” and he said farmers must adopt environmental friendly ways of farming. He said “giving plants a lot of water doesn’t mean the yield will be high” and he stressed that more growth per drop should be adopted.

Modi stressed that it is crucial for farmers to use water appropriately and not let motors run wildly in thinking there would be more yield. He went onto say that the soil is being damaged by the use of excess water and over use of chemicals is causing damage to human health.

He requested the farmers to adopt to not use excessive water and prevent using chemicals. He said farmers in Punjab use 13 times more chemicals in farming then the allowable limit.

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