The speech of Indian PM Modi provided much entertainment for it’s crowd and even included a magic trick.

The Indian PM received tough questions of British Journalists while giving a joint press conference with David Cameron.

A Journalist asked:

“Prime minister Modi, India is becoming an increasingly intolerant place. Why?”

Modi Responded:

Translation: India is the land of Buddha, India is the land of Gandhi. And that is why it is in our values that whenever someone goes against the fundamental beliefs of the society, India will not accept it. That is why any incident in any corner of India—whether is it one incident, two or three—in a nation of 125 crore Indians, whether one incident is important or not, that does not matter to us. Every incident is grave for us. We do not tolerate it under any circumstances. The law takes strict action against this and it will continue to do so. And India is a vibrant democracy with a constitution that gives even the most ordinary citizen security of every kind, and is committed to protecting their thoughts. And we are committed to this.

A journalist from the Guardian newspaper asked David Cameron:

“Prime minister Cameron, can I ask you how comfortable do you feel welcoming prime minister Modi to this country given that for the first two years of your premiership he was not permitted to visit this country because of his record as chief minister of Gujarat?”

Cameron’s reply

I am pleased to welcome prime minister Modi here. He comes with an enormous mandate from the people of India who made him prime minister with a record and historic majority. As for what happened in the past, there were legal proceedings that were also, as my colleague Priti Patel said earlier today, representations from the British government at the time. We are now discussing the future partnership between Britain and India. Both of us backed by our countries for this Parliament to work together to strengthen the partnership that we have.

Modi responded to the same question:

Translation: Firstly, to set the record straight, I want to inform you that I had come to the UK in 2003 and was welcomed and respected… and attended events here. The UK has never stopped me from coming here. There was no restriction ever. I could not come due to time constraints, and that’s a different thing. So you have wrong perception, please correct it.
With inputs from: Quartz

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