Mob Attack on Sikh Gurdwara in Nagpur, Clash Prevented (Video)

Sikh attacked in Nagpur after some unknown persons threw black ink on Dr. Ambedkar Statue there. The group organized and blamed that the act was done by the Sikh community. Sikh Community leaders feel it was done on person by people to insult and embarrass the Sikh Community. Sikhs in the area are saying no one from the Sikh Community did this act but instead some trouble makers who want the two communities to clash. One of the Gurdwaras was attacked and stones were pelted on it. However, the police took control immediately and stop the communal clash.

Nagpur: Two groups had allegedly clashed when one group said some vile statement against the other and soon, the group clash escalated to a mammoth in-fighting. Stones were pelted, bottles were broken, tyres were burn’t etc.

In an exclusive talk with Nagpur Today, Commissioner of Police K K Pathak said that even though the policemen were deputed to monitor and man various points to ensure safety and security of the visitors of Deekshabhoomi and KP Ground, we had mobilized senior officials and policemen to the spot within 25 minutes of the occurrence and had succeeded in bringing the situation under control. Failing this, the situation could have escalated into riotous proportions.

However, as soon as the Police Commissioner K K Pathak came to know about the incident, he directed all senior police officials including Jt CP Anoop Singh and other DCPs, Rapid Action Force and Quick Response Teams to the spot along with a posse of armed cops who brought the situation under control.

The cops not only brought the tense atmosphere under control within a few hours, they succeeded in calling the leaders of both the groups to sit together amicably and resolve the issue. The cops have made some arrests of trouble makers.

Source Nagpur Today

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