2 Incidents on the same day have made Sikhs on guard after the San Bernandino attacks. Many people have mistaken Sikhs for Muslims after recent attacks.

There is a serious concern of safety of Sikhs in the United States as people have confused them for Muslims. In the past week, there have been 3 incidents of hate against Sikhs. A Gurdwara was vandalized, 2 Sikhs became victims of hatred, and Sikhs were prevented from entering the San Diego football game due to their turbans.

The National Sikh campaign was created to spread awareness of Sikhs in the US after surveys revealed most Americans don’t know about Sikhs and associate Sikhs as a sect of Muslims. The ignorance among Americans towards Sikhs is very high and as a result become victims of hatred.

Following 9/11 Sikhs were targeted across the US as they were being taken for Muslims. One Singh stated that acid was thrown on him as a backlash to the terror attacks.

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