A Missionary seen in the video challenged Bhai Pinderpal Singh on the Dasam Granth and wanted him to condemn Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s writings. The man created an uproar inside the Fairfield Gurdwara Sahib in Australia and aimed to put Bhai Pinderpal Singh in an uncomfortable position. The man wanted Bhai Sahib to speak against the Dasam Granth.

Bhai Pinderpal Singh prevented a clash as the matter started to heat up quickly. The emotions of the missionary was brilliantly handled by Bhai Sahib resulting in the Katha to occur.

Bhai Sahib stated that he would never condemn Guru Sahib’s Bani but rather give his head. He went onto say that he doesn’t get involved in controversies and those issues which have been going on for over 100 years should be left alone.

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