(DSU News Bureau) A Sikh family of four have gone missing in Pakistan in a first ever incident of it’s kind. The family came from village Sandhawala in Faridkot India to Pakistan on a 10 day trip to celebrate Vaisakhi.

The security agencies are now wondering whether the family was a spy based on testimony from neighbors.

About 2,000 Sikhs were given a visa for the ten day trip which included 1717 from India. All other pilgrims except the family of four have arrived in India.

The ETPB which is the Evacuee Trust Property Board who is responsible for arrangements of accommodation and security confirmed the family as being “missing.”

The government of Pakistan spokesperson said efforts are being made to locate the missing family.

According to a media report: “The missing family has been identified as 38-year-old Sunil Singh, his 27-year-old wife Sunita and their children: nine-year-old daughter Huma Kaur and 10-year-old son Umer Singh.”

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