Miracle occurs in Mumbai after a baby survives a fall from the 7th floor of a building.

In a miraculous incident a 3-yr-old kid escapes death after falling from 7th floor of a building. He is hospitalized but out of danger.

A three-year-old boy fell off from his balcony on the seventh floor at Kalamboli, but survived with a few scratches and a head injury on Wednesday evening.

The boy, Ashish Mishra, was rushed to MGM Hospital in Vashi, where even the doctors were surprised to see that there were no major injuries on him.

Talking to TOI, the boy’s father Vinod Mishra, a businessman, said: “We are all thanking God that our kid survived with just a few injuries on his head and arms. At around 5.30 pm, Ashish was playing in the balcony, which is in fact closed with iron grills for further protection.” The building is Krishna Park in sector 15 Kalamboli.
video: India tv

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