Mika Singh Banned from Performing in India After Event in Pakistan

Mika Singh has been banned in India by the AICWA for performing at Pervez Musharraf’s relatives wedding. The video went viral on social media which resulted in backlash for the singer on social media.

AICWA, in a statement released on Tuesday, said that they have taken the decision of boycotting the singer’s association with the film production houses, music companies and online music content providers.

AICWA President Suresh Gupta further stated that if anyone works with Mika Singh “he will face legal consequences in the court of law.”

The statement further said that at a time when the tension between India and Pakistan is at its peak (because of the removal of Article 370), “Mika has put money above the nation.”

Here is the statement:

Here is the video of the event:

A 30-second video clip tweeted by a Pakistani journalist showed Mika performing at an event after India’s August 5 decision, and despite New Delhi severing all artistic and social ties with Islamabad in the aftermath of the removal of the Article 370 of the Constitution.

“We humbly appeal the production houses, music directors, event managers, All India Radio, all FM stations, music companies, recording companies, national TV and satellite channels and others related, to boycott Mika Singh for any musical activity irrevocably forever.”

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