Mika Gifts Paris Hilton His Diamond Khanda, Help From Salman Khan

Mika at a birthday party gave American Socialite his diamond Khanda with the assistance of Salman Khan. Mika didn’t state any reason why he did such an act but he seemed to be very joyous of it. When Mika asked Paris Hilton how she liked it, she responded by saying she loved it. The Khanda is a religious symbol of the Sikhs have deep meaning in Sikh philosophy.

Many Sikhs are expressing outrage at what Mika did.

Some of the more aggressive comments against Mika were: “Divya Trehan WTF IS THE POINT OF GIFTING HER A KHANDA NECKLACE. Its not like she knows the true value behind it. SHES A F* RICH ASS WHORE WHO LIKES ATTENTION. She’s not going to respect it. WTF does Salman and Mika know, she may throw the necklace or defame it any other way! THIS IS BULLSHIT. SHAME ON U Mika Singh I THOUGHT U WERE SMARTER THEN THAT WHORE!”

Meaning Behind Khanda:

The Khanda is the symbol of the Sikhs, as the Cross is to Christians or the Star of David is to Jews. It reflects some of the fundamental concepts of Sikhism. The symbol derives its name from the double-edged sword (also called a Khanda) which appears at the center of the logo. This double-edged sword is a metaphor of Divine Knowledge, its sharp edges cleaving Truth from Falsehood. The circle around the Khanda is the Chakar. The Chakar being a circle without a beginning or and end symbolizes the perfection of God who is eternal. The Chakar is surrounded by two curved swords called Kirpans. These two swords symbolize the twin concepts of Meeri and Peeri – Temporal and Spiritual authority introduced by Guru Hargobind. They emphasize the equal emphasis that a Sikh must place on spiritual aspirations as well as obligations to society.

Source: Sikhs.Org

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