Messiah of the Poor Amarjeet Singh Sudan Dies of COVID-19

The people of India lost an important and prominent social worker Amarjeet Singh Sudan by COVID-19. Amarjeet was admitted to the hospital 15 days ago after he was having breathing difficulties.

Amarjeet is often known as ‘Father Thersea’ in Indore after he helped hundreds of people that were left to die on the roads.

He passed away at the Gurjar Hospital and was being treated for COVID-19 in the ICU ward. Due to pre-existing conditions of heart, diabetes, and suffered from cardiac arrest.

Amarjeet was also knows as ‘Angel in Turban’ due to the work he did for the poor and those who also died. He performed the final rites of thousands of people who died on the streets and had no one to look after their bodies. He would bring people off the streets to nursing homes and provided medical treatment to those who couldn’t afford it. Also, police officers would regularly contact him when they found someone ill on the streets.

Amarjeet became famous after he used his turban to cover the dead corpse of a girl without clothes who drowned in 2006 at Bilawali lake, UP.

At the young age of 14, he started serving the poor and needy.

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