A viral message circulating on WhatsApp has revealed that the Cricket World Cup 2015 is fixed. The predictions made by the message have all come true so far.

The message predicts that the Cricket world cup 2015 will be won by South Africa and that India won’t make it pass the semi-finals.

The message has been going viral on WhatsApp and was picked up by major news outlets due to it’s predictions coming true.


The message lists the winners and losers of each match to be played in the tournament even the knockout round.

The prediction of the message goes like this India (Ind), Australia (Aus), New Zealand (NZ), Sri Lanka (SL), South Africa (RSA), Pakistan (Pak) and Zimbabwe (Zim) will qualify for the quarter final round of the tournament.

“India along with Australia, Sri Lanka and South Africa will reach the semi final with Australia and South Africa setting up the title clash”


The predictions for the final match is between South Africa and Australia and South Africa beating Australia on March 29 to win the Cricket World Cup in Melbourne.

If the message is true Cricket fans worldwide would be disappointed deeply.

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