The limits of crime were surpassed once again with a horrendous crime in Rohtak. A crime so vicious even the doctor said he’d never seen anything so gruesome.

The doctor who performed the postmortem report said stone and rods were found inside the Nepali women in Rohtak. The woman was first abducted from her home and then heinous acts were committed against her. The police not only found half of her body separated but also hundreds of scars on her body.

The police have finished their investigation and have arrested 4 people involved in the murder. An act of this kind has not been seen since the Nirbaya case which shocked the nation.

After the woman’s body was found 5 days ago 8 of the 9 men involved were arrested. The heartbreaking crime has sent shock waves throughout the state of Haryana. People took to the streets to protest the crimes against women and the lack of cooperation on part of the police.

The state of Haryana has the worst male to female ratio. In many villages, there is not a single female due to female infanticide problems in the region. Many of the women are being imported from either Nepal or the Northeast for marriage due to the shortage of women

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