Members of Sikh Community to be Part of Biden Administration

(Washington)- It’s being learnt that several members of the Sikh community will be part of the newly formed Joe Biden Administration. The newly formed government of the United States of America will have Sikh community members who worked as staff for the campaign to elect Joe Biden as the 48th President of the United States.

The names are not announced officially but it is learnt from top sources that there are 2 Sikh men who will hold a position in the White House either as staff or government officials.

In recent days, the Biden Administration announced Sabrina Singh to be the deputy Press Secretary of the United States, which will be the first time a Sikh person held a ranking White House position.

Sikhs came out in major support for President Joe Biden with most Sikhs who also campaigned for Hilary Clinton. A source revealed that one of the Sikh men is a close advisor to the Biden Campaign and may hold a position close to the oval office.

It is a proud moment for the Sikh community as the Biden Administration looks to have a diverse administration.

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