He is only 19 years old but Satnam Singh Bhamara has already made history. Last week he became the first basketball player from Punjab to be drafted into the US National Basketball Association (NBA).

Coming from a village in Punjab with just 700 people, Singh was noticed at a young age while playing at local clubs. He moved to Florida five years ago to train. On Thursday the Dallas Mavericks announced he was their 52nd pick.

Satnam Singh’s news comes just weeks after Canadian-born Sim Bhullar became the first player of Indian-origin to join the NBA.

Singh is an eye-popping 7’2in. tall and weighs 290lb. He was 7 feet tall when he turned 14 and wears a size-22 basketball shoe. Size-22!!

His father, Balbir Singh Bhamara, is also 7’2in tall, and his grandmother on his father’s side is 6’9in tall. 6 feet 9 inches grandma!!

So far he’s just in a junior league, but Satnam’s drafting has attracted attention because he says it could make basketball more popular in India.

“I feel good about it because in India there are a lot of Indian players who could have a chance to come here and play in college and high schools,” he told the Washington Post. “I think I can open the door for everyone to come here and play. So it’s good for India and all the players. It’s good for me and my country.”

Singh also revealed that his father had wanted to play basketball too, but had been forbidden by his father who wanted him to stay as a farmer on their land. “He never got the chance that I am getting now. He is very proud of me, and I want to play this game as well as I can play. That is my task now.”

Via: Bendit TV

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