A Canadian media network reported on the Sikh Cabinet Ministers in the new Canadian government of the Liberal Party.

Some interesting comments from the video were observed:

“This is just one of many things that makes me so proud to be a Canadian. There is no country on planet earth as diverse and multicultural as Canada, where you can also find such equality, acceptance, and tolerance among the general population. This is a very exciting time for Canada and Canadian politics. Congrats to all the new cabinet ministers. Make us proud!”

“Lieutenant-Colonel Harjit Sajjan who was in Bosnia and deployed 3 times to Afghanistan where he lead a regiment, a decorated soldier with 13 medals including the Order of Military Merit and the Meritorious Service Medal. He was also an 11 year detective with the Vancouver Police Department in the gang crime unit. Harjit Sajjan was the most qualified. Religion has always been irrelevant in Canadian politics anyways, the majority are Catholics but religion plays no role in Canadian policy.”

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