Massive Search Underway to Look For Missing Hari Simran in Mexico (Video)

A man living in Virgina had gone for a hike in Tepozteco Mountains in Mexico is now missing since Dec. 30. The man and his wife had been attending a yoga retreat called “Sat Nam Gest” near the mountains just 30 miles from the Mexican capital.

While hiking Hari Simran sent a photo from a mountain peak around 2:30PM the past Tuesday after 3 hours of hiking. Since sending the picture to his wife he has gone missing since then.

On the 31st search and rescue teams were dispatched with a helicopter but still no sign of Hari Simran. The wife of Harisimran has said he was a well experienced hiker and went out with water, trail mix, a cell phone, and a knife.

A major campaign to find Hari Simran has been launched on social networks with the hastag #findHariSimran trending on twitter.

Latest Update:
09:00 AM 01/02/2015
-After a restless night, we’re back at it. This morning we will have infrared capability in the helicopter along with thousands of images of the search area from small non military drones. These are provided by a local company Skybotica. We’re deeply grateful.
-T-Mobile has released all of the data they have from Hari Simran’s phone. Unfortunately, his GPS was turned off. Now we are trying to work with specialists to triangulate his location during his last messages using cell towers.
-National media is covering the story and getting out the word.
Hari Simran’s family and friends are beginning to stream in and help with the search effort.
-We’ve had a great response to the fundraiser, but we need more to reach our goal. Please keep supporting the mission. It’s been three nights now. We need to find him desperately.

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