A Singh doing ardas at a New Zealand Gurdwara Sahib committed sacrilege by changing the Dohra normally said during the end of the ardas. He replaced “Guru Granth Ji Manyo” to “Panth Khalsa Manyo”. Recently, Missionary Sikhs have started to grossly change Sikh code of conduct to meet their own agenda. A few weeks ago, a Gurdwara Sahib in Dubai that pays allegiance to the Missionaries conducted Amrit Sanchar Ceremony with just 2 Banis instead of 5. The Missionary agenda is to eradicate the warrior tradition of the Sikh ethos which comes from the writings of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji. There is plenty of historical evidence to suggest that Guru Sahib was the writer and Bhai Mani Singh was the compiler of Dasam Granth, which was known throughout history as “Davein Patshah Ka Granth.”

The replacement of “Guru Granth Ji Manyo” to “Panth Khalsa Manyo” has absolutely no basis.

Let’s look at it historically: 

The first part of the Dohra is Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s Pavitar Bachan (Holy Saying) recorded in BHAI PRAHLAAD SINGH’s Rehitnama.

This was written at the time when Guru Ji said this bachan by Bhatt Vehi who was one of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s poets at Hazoor Sahib. Giani Gian Singh later found it and copied it into his literature’s “Twarikh Guru Khalsa” and “Panth Parkash”:

Agya Bhai Akal Ki Tabe Chalyo Panth
As was ordained by the Timeless, thus was established the Panth.
Sabh Sikhan Ko Hukam Hai Guru Manyo Granth
To all Sikhs, let this be the order, recognize the Granth as your Guru.
Guru Granth Ji Manyo Prakat Guran Ki Deh
The reverend Guru Granth is the visible body of the gurus
Jo Prabh Ko Milbo Chahe Khoj Sabad Mein Leh
Those that seek to meet with Vaaheguru, delve into the Shabad”

This account is recorded in notes of the court poet Sainapat, Bhai Nand Lal and Dhadi Nath Mal.

Ratan Singh Bhangu quotes the Dohra commonly said today in his book. (d. 1846) – a descendant of Mahtab Singh (who had, along with young Sukha Singh, assassinated Massa Ranghar, the tyrannical Zakariya Khan’s deputy, in 1740, as punishment for desecrating the precincts of Harimandir Sahib).

Aagia Bhaee Akal Ki Tabi Chalaeo Panth.
Sabh Sikhan Ko Hukam Hai Guru Manio Granth.
Guru Granth Ji Maneo Pargat Guran Ki Deh.
Jo Prabh Ko Milbo Chahai Khoj Sabd Main Leh.

The above reference is given in the book “Safarnama & Zafarnama” by Giani Ishwar Singh Nara and translated in to English by Joginder Singh M. A. Page, 280.

The Dohra “Aagya Bhai Akal Ki, Tabhi Chlayo Panth…” Appears verbatim in Panth Parkash written by Giani Gian Singh (1822-1921). Panth Parkash was written in 1880

A total of 6 historical sources, 3 from Guru Gobind Singh’s time quote the original Dohra.

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