Massa Rangar Punished By Bhai Mehtab Singh Ji and Bhai Sukha Singh Ji

Massa punished by Mehtab Singh: But the most active of
the Chaudhris was Massa Ranghar ofMandiaii. who held the charge
of the central Sikh temple at Amritsar. He had turned the holy
precincts into a stable and the inmost sanctuary into a nautchhouse.
where he used to smoke and drink and to enjoy the dance ofpublic
women. of this desecration reached a party of Sikhs
residing in Jaipur. ‘ One of them, Mehtab Singh of Mirankot,
expressed his astonishment to the messenger that he should have
known the fact ofthe sacrilege, and yet lived to carry it about. Why
was not Massa Ranghar dispatched there and then? Was there no
Sikh there? The reply was, “No, not more sensitive to the sense of
.honour than those who had fled for their lives and were taking
shelter in distant places like Jaipur.” As ifstung by a scorpion, says
his grandson. Mehtab Singh took up his sword and made for the
. Panjab. Sukha Singh ofMari Kambooffered to go along with him.
In August. 1740, they reached Amritsar and disguising themselves
as Mohammedans and filling two bags with wellrounded brick-bats
they entered the precincts ofthe Temple under the pretext ofpaying
their land-revenue. Tying their horses outside the main-gate, they
came to Massa Ranghar who was seated on a cot in the holy of
holies and listening to the music ofdancing girls. While Sukha
Singh watched the entrance, Mehtab Singh fell on the tyrant
like lightning and cut off his head. Before the companions of
Massa could recover from their surprise the assailants had made
good their escape.

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