A Man who lost his eyesight over several years ago has returned after praying at Sri Harmandar Sahib.


A 34-year-old man hailing from Nangal Lubana village in Begowal in Kapurthala who had lost his eyesight seven years ago after consuming country-made liquor, claims to have recovered his vision miraculously while paying obeisance at Sri Harmandar Sahib on Thursday.

While the development has brought joy to his family, the local doctors have termed this as a ‘miracle’, saying that chances of recovering sight after such a long time are rare.

According to sources, Surinder Singh had lost sight owing to a reaction caused by consumption of country-made liquor in 2005 at the behest of his friends.

“After consuming liquor I felt giddy and could not see. A visit to the doctor later revealed that I had lost sight due to an allergy caused by the liquor,” Surinder said.

However, a cloth vendor from Amritsar, who used to visit Surinder’s house, suggested that he pay obeisance at the Sri Harmandar Sahib.

“I decided to perform Chaleya, which required that I pay obeisance at the shrine for 40 days. Thursday was my 31st day at the shrine, and I was miraculously able to see again, after a bright spark brought my vision back at around 11.30am,” he said.

Surinder said though in the morning he had entered the shrine with the help of a child, later he walked on his own to share the good news with his family.

“My family, who were inside the Sri Harmandar Sahib and had come looking for me, thought I had lost my way. They were overjoyed when I told them that I could see and walk on my own,” he said.

Dr Shakeen Singh, a leading ophthalmologist, said it could have been a normal development if the eyesight had returned within a few hours of damage to the optic nerve.

“However, if the sight has been restored after so many years, this is indeed a miracle,” he said.

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