Punjab finance minister Manpreet Badal praising Butcher KPS Gill has gone viral on social media .
Social media has seen a wave of posts after Gill’s passing away. Activists across the world have also shared their views detailing the brutal past attached to Gill’s life.

Sri Akal Takht Sahib´s jathedar Giani Gurbchan Singh said Gill reaped what he had sown and he wouldn’t get a place in hell since he had orchestrated Sikhs’ killings in Punjab.

Many people posted messages on the social media expressing their views on the death of Gill. Bali K Deol, in his post on Facebook, called “Gill a butcher of Sikhs.” “This mass murderer was the prime tool used in the genocide that wiped out a whole generation of Sikhs in 90s,” Deol mentioned.
B S Goraya, in his comment on Facebook, said, “Gill was the blotch on Indian democracy.”

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