Punjabi singer Mankirat Aulakh’s new song JATT DI CLIP has the exact same beat as one of 2PAC’s old songs. A Canadian activist named Jodhir Singh has called the singer out on the copy. In a Facebook Live video he referred to the singer as “Mithu”. Mankirat Aulakh came under fire in the past with his song ‘Badnam’ and ‘Gangland’ which promoted gun violence.

In recent years, many activists on social media have spoken out against the gun culture in Punjabi songs that have influenced the youth to
commit violence. Punjabi songs have largely influenced youngsters to choose the wrong path and resulted in their lives being ruined.

Punjabi singers are profited with millions of dollars on songs which promoted drug use, gun violence, women, and other bad influences.

Activists such as Jodhbir Singh and others saw the epidemic among the youth increase and took a stand to bring it into public awareness.

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