New Delhi/5-9-2015 The Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee (DSGMC) today said that it had given no clean chit to the Hindi movie Singh is Bling and the matter was pending with the Shri Akal Takht – the Supreme body of Sikhs to take final decision. DSGMC President Manjit Singh G.K. said, “A delegation of DSGMC had seen the movie, the objectionable parts were pointed out, which have been agreed by the producers to be removed and final print of movie has been sent to Shri Akal Takht to give approval”.

“We always consider SGPC as a supreme body and they are like our bigbrother but we would not let the big brother to bully us. Any negative comment from SGPC without a valid reason is unwarranted as whatever we do is under the command and orders of party president Sukhbir Singh Badal,” said GK. He said DSGMC is competent to speak on any issue related to the panth and would continue to do that. “I think we are always forthcoming to join hands with SGPC and work in unison. I also see my prerogative to take call on panthic issues on my own,” he clarified adding that DSGMC has been forthcoming in complementing SGPC for Sikh issues anywhere on the globe.

For almost a century the Sikhs living in Delhi and the Delhi Gurdwara committee under the leadership of Shiromani Akali Dal has always been proactive on issues concerning Sikhs – politically and socially, said GK.“In Germany when Gurbani was wrongly depicted in a yoga centre, we objected, got that rectified and SGPC formed a committee much later when issue was already clinched and the yoga centre had sought forgiveness,” said GK. According to DSGMC President – in 1950 Delhi committee under the leadership of Shiromani Akali Dal played important role in Punjabi Suba Morcha and on 19th May 1964 when 11 Sikhs were martyred in Paonta Sahib in a police firing, on the directions of Master Tara Singh Delhi committee took up the fight and got released the Gurdwara Sahib from the clutches of mahantas.
“When 40,000 Sikh families living in Terai area were announced to be uprooted by way of an ordinance of Government of India on two occasions – one during Jawahar Lal Nehru and second during Indira Gandhi’s tenure as Prime Minister it was Delhi committee who fought for the cause, forced Government of India to withdraw the ordinance and made sure those families continue to live there,” informed GK. Quoting the incident of 1967 when Baghmari Gurdwara was in Kolkatta was damaged GK said Delhi committee stood by the Sikhs in Bengal and perpetrators of the sacrilege were punished and then CM of West Bengal Ajoy Mukherjee and home minister Jyoti Basu came to Gurdwara Bangla Sahib to apologise.

GK also said that in 1969 when government of Britain imposed ban on wearing turban in government services by the Sikhs and matter became serious when Sohan Singh Jolly a local leader in England fixed a date to self immolate himself as a protest, it was Shiromani Akali Dal and DSGMC which laid siege outside the Britain High Commission, forcing the England government to bow down and withdraw the orders.“Even now DSGMC has been on the forefront when fighting for the cause of 1984 genocide victims and on the issues of Sikh identity outside Punjab and the country,” said GK who adds that recently DSGMC has been on the forefront taking on the issues of Shiromani Akali Dal in the North American and European countries, he adds.

Whether it’s the issues of Sikhs in Chittisinghpura or in Nepal or in Uttrakhand or in Jammu – the DSGMC takes the call and reach out to the Sikhs and would continue to perform its duty pro-actively under the leadership of Shiromani Akali Dal president. GK repeated that DSGMC consider SGPC as a big brother but can’t take dictations. “l will not allow them to bully us, they are a big organization and need to be more alert and proactive in dealing with issues concerning Sikhs,” reiterated GK and adds that we always look forward to compliment SGPC but not liked to be interfered. DSGMC is committed to Shri Akal Takht and is capable of taking up Sikh issues said GK.

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