Indian government should show warmth towards Trudeau, G.K.

New Delhi / 20, February, 2018 The President of Delhi Sikh Gurdwara management committee Manjit Singh G.K. today criticized the Indian government for giving a cold shoulder to the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau currently on weeklong visit to India. GK said the country’s foreign policy was controlled by the politicians who have a personal agenda.

DSGMC president said that the attempts were made to project Trudeau who had four Sikh ministers in his cabinet, a separatists’ sympathiser, which is wrong and not the good way of dealing with him. He suggested that the Indian government should show warmth towards the visiting Canadian Prime Minister as a large population of Punjabis and Gujaratis are settled in Canada who have made name for themselves on the foreign land.

Referring to the policies of Chankya’s GK said all attempts should be made to have good relations with the leaders of foreign countries. He said on one side Indian government was trying to maintain good relations with China and Pakistan who are hostile towards India and on the other they are showing a diplomatic cold shoulder to Justin Trudeau.

Gk said India’s security agencies were trying to project Sikhs as separatists and Punjab CM Capt. Amarinder Singh has been working on the same lines, which is evident from the fact that Amarinder called Canada’s defense minister as Khalistan Sympathizer. “If such was the case why Amarinder is keen to meet Trudeau”, questioned GK. He said the Canadian government has won the hearts of Sikh by seeking forgiveness 100 years for the incident of Kamagatamaru and declaring killing of Sikhs in 1984 riots as a genocide.

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