Manjit Singh GK spoke to the media and stated that Sikhs are getting labelled as terrorists in a planned conspiracy to discredit Sikh achievements worldwide. In the issue of Jaspal Atwal, he stated that the man was taken off the black list by India and was used to cause a distraction to Trudeau’s India visit.

Manjit Singh GK said, “this was done to ruin the tour of Trudeau in India.”

“When Sikhs are to benefit, we always get labelled as terrorists. Agencies create controversies when Sikhs are to benefit”

Manjit Singh GK stated that whenever Sikhs are to benefit they are labelled as terrorists and Khalistani and the agencies deliberately due this to bring a bad name to the community. GK called out the media and put a direct blame on them for creating unnecessary issues to discredit Sikhs.

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